"Women on the map": show the role that women have played throughout history

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We all know that History has been quite unfair to women. A great number of them have existed over time that have achieved enormous things both for the region in which they inhabited and for the entire humanity, but his role has gone unnoticed in the books and most are unknown to us.

In order to learn more about the History and the great role that many women have played Throughout it, a new mobile application has been created: “Women on the map”(Women on the map), an app that vibrate every time we are in a place where a woman has made history.

In order to make it work, it is necessary to register in Field Trip, the site where the app is hosted, and configure it so that every time we are in a place where a woman has made History, she sends us a notice and we know what is what has happened there and who has been responsible.

Thus, for example, when visiting New York and passing through the Metropolitan Opera, the app will vibrate and tell us about Janet collins, the African American prima ballerina who landed a lead role or if we are visiting Lyme regis in southern Britain, he will tell us about Mary Anning, pioneer in the search for fossils in the world.

Ana Edell, director of this project, explained that “It is time for scientists, researchers, musicians, historians, etc. to be recognized. that have gone unnoticed”. “It's not that they didn't exist, it's that they just haven't told us about them. And you have to do it

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Like these, there are hundreds of examples, although not all that could be are yet there and therefore it is an app open to users can help by writing about great women in history of a certain place.

For it an email should be sent to [email protected], putting in the subject "Women On The Map" and attaching a Word of entity 150 and 300 words of extension with a mini biography of important women in the area, with the only requirement that they must have passed away.

A different, educational and very important app that seeks to give women the real role they have played throughout history.

If you want to have this application, download Field Trip to Android or to iOS and then search for “SPARK: Women on the Map” in the “Historic Places and Events” section.

After studying History at the University and after many previous tests, Red Historia was born, a project that emerged as a means of dissemination where you can find the most important news of archeology, history and humanities, as well as articles of interest, curiosities and much more. In short, a meeting point for everyone where they can share information and continue learning.

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