The pyramids of Meroe, legacy of a powerful civilization

The pyramids of Meroe, legacy of a powerful civilization

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Even though the most famous pyramids are those of GizaIn North Africa we find other groups that can be surprising, such as those found in Sudan, on the southern border of Egypt, the pyramids of Meroe, one of the most striking and mysterious in the world.

Thanks to its great historical weight, UNESCO listed it as a World Heritage Site, but despite this it is a site that tourists hardly visit and about which there is not much information, despite the fact that after many centuries have passed, they still stand, a legacy of the great Kingdom of Kush, considered as a of the oldest and most powerful civilizations that populated the Nile region.

Characteristics of the city of Meroe

This city was one of the most important in the whole kingdom of Kush And according to different studies, its construction began in the 9th century BC, a city that grew little by little in all senses until in 300 BC. became the capital of the kingdom until it was destroyed in 350 BC., at which time it was conquered by the kingdom of Aksum.

One of the practices shared by kushitas with the Egyptians it was the building of pyramids, although the ones they built in Kush were quite different from those of their northern neighbors. Here they were built with large blocks of sandstone and with a much steeper slope as well as a smaller size.

Perhaps these characteristics are the reasons why so many were built, more than those supposedly made by their northern neighbors. According to archaeologists more than 200 pyramids have already been discovered in Meroe, which shows that they were not buildings only for kings and queens but also for the most distinguished of the elite of the different provinces of the kingdom of Kush.

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They also shared the belief of a life after death and buried their dead in the pyramids, accompanied by their material goods, which has meant that a high percentage of them have been plundered over time, ending up with very important information for learn more about this civilization.

Despite this, different quite surprising objects were found, such as a wine jug, but not a normal one but its origin was from Athens, which shows that The Kushites were not limited only to being in their kingdom but they maintained contact with different civilizations of the Mediterranean basin.

Despite this important discovery, barely 10 tourists are received a day, but it has become a very attractive destination for adventure lovers.

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