Ancient hills discovered in southeastern Iran

Ancient hills discovered in southeastern Iran

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Archaeologists from the University of Tübingen (Germany) and the Research Center for Cultural Heritage and Tourism have discovered 42 ancient hills near the town of Farayab, in southwestern Iran's Kerman province.

The head of the Iranian archaeological team, Nader Alidad-Soleimani, has stated that: “the hills, which are spread over an area of ​​8000 kilometers, are dated to the period between the pre-Neolithic and the Islamic eras«, As reported Iran Daily.

The hills were discovered during the first phase of the archaeological excavations being carried out in the area. The project was directed during the first three months with the encouragement to study the cultural exchanges between Mesopotamia and the southwestern areas of ancient Persia during the Bronze Age.

Archaeologists have used drones to take aerial photographs, three-dimensional drawings and topographic maps at the excavation site. The next phase of archaeological excavations in the area will begin in March 2016. The University of Tübingen and the Iranian Center for Cultural Heritage and Tourism signed a memorandum of understanding in January 2015 to closer cooperation in archaeological research. Both research centers have agreed to continue cooperating in the conservation of the restoration of archaeological sites and sharing workshops and exhibitions for the next five years.

Kerman province has great archaeological significance, is the archaeological site of the Jiroft civilization, which was one of the most important in the region. Excavations show that the Jiroft civilization interacted with other societies in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and Central Asia in the early Bronze Age. The archaeological finds show that different civilizations lived in the area during different historical periods.

Experts say that the archaeological remains of these civilizations that can be traced 11 meters underground.

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