The excavation season begins in the ancient city of Pisida (Turkey)

The excavation season begins in the ancient city of Pisida (Turkey)

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The excavation season has started in the city of Pisida, located in the southeast of Turkey, in the province of Isparta (district of Yalvaç). The director of these excavations, Mehmet Özhanh, a professor at Süleyman Demirel University, has commented that the work will focus on the Temple of Apollo, which is valuable enough to be included in the list of World Heritage Sites of the UNESCO.

During the six years of previous excavations the main streets of the city were unearthed. Özhanh has stated that there have been important developments in the structures of the Roman baths, the theater and the villa and adds: "We have unearthed structures on one of the main streets of the ancient city, Cardo Maximus. The Roman villa was found in the upper part of the street in 2012 and that year we plan to begin its restoration. We will also do work on the streets to the south of the city«.

The teacher said that work will begin at the Temple of Apollo, located on the hill of Özbayat, a city in the eastern part. “It is a very important place, which must be included in the UNESCO list and for this reason we have asked the Ministry of Culture to work here, as we have done in previous years. The officials have given us the license so we will start by restoring the objects of the temple.

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