Recommended video game: Stronghold Crusader 2 medieval strategy set in The Crusades

Recommended video game: Stronghold Crusader 2 medieval strategy set in The Crusades

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Do you want to be Richard the Lionheart? Or do you prefer to be Saladin? This will be the decision you must make in the new strategy video game Stronghold Crusader 2, which recreates medieval battles and management simulation of large castles and fortresses.

The game is set in Middle East around 1189, during the Crusades, and you can choose to play with Richard the Lionheart or Saladino in two individual campaigns, in skirmish mode or online with up to eight players.

This new video game presents a new 3D engine created by Havok Physics, which allows a authentic simulation of castles and destruction in real time with very good graphics, which allow you to carry out really extraordinary campaigns.

To get started in the game it is best to start the tutorial and you will see that from our first approach to it we will have to face dozens of problems that make this game one of the most complex and that will require us to be able to apply all our logic and the best strategy from the first moment if we do not want to let the rival army crush us.

Everything we have learned about strategy in other games must be applied with great accuracy in Stronghold Crusader 2 if we want to succeed on the battlefield. Knowing which buildings to build, how many elements of our army are necessary, how to equip them, what to produce and how to defend ourselves are basic aspects that we will begin to understand from the tutorial, as well as how to locate our production tools if we want to get the most out of it or simply have the possibility of building more.

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Of course this is our recommendation, but if you are already a veteran player of the saga or of the RTS in general, you can freely dive directly into the Skirmish Traces, where are the real challenges and of course, the rewards of the game.

But we warn you again, the missions have been designed with the hardcore player in mind, offering the best and most immediate playability and that we assure you, will have you hooked from the first minute without pause, but with enormous fun guaranteed.

Are you looking for a strategy game with a great historical setting and that doesn't let you "taste little"? Are you an expert RTS player and want a challenge that breaks everything you know? Do not hesitate, Stronghold Crusader 2 is the video game you are looking for. Go ahead and tell us about your experience!

For more information visit the website or follow @ SHCrusader2 on Twitter.

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