Greek mythology: what is the myth of the Amazons?

Greek mythology: what is the myth of the Amazons?

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Greek mythology It has planted history with countless myths and legends about many characters that today are part of history, whether or not they were fictional, such as the topic that we are going to occupy in the following lines, the myth of the Amazons.

The location of its place of origin is lost in the nebula of time and not even the most studious can agree to define exactly where it is.

Some scholars say that in a Caucasus area. Others on the left bank of the Danube, in Esticia and many other places.

The Amazons: warrior women

Wherever they come from, the Amazons were made up solely of warrior women, or so all the students of the mythology of ancient Greece agree.

It is said that to avoid having any man among their ranks (although the highest-ranking Amazons had servants), they only had sex with foreign men and if they had male offspring, the children were killed or terribly mutilated.

If they were girls, as soon as they were born, a breast was cut so that when they were older they could better handle the bow and spear.

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As expected they did not worship a god, but a goddess, Artemis, whose way of life, according to the legends, was the one that guided these formidable warriors.

The Amazons were attributed the founding of the city of Ephesus and also the construction of the great temple of Artemis, although there is no evidence for this.

Famous amazons

Many were the famous Amazons that went down in the annals of History.

For example, Pentesilea, who is said to have participated in the trojan war demonstrating a great value in combat comparable to the fiercest warrior in any corner of the earth, although she was killed by Achilles.

Another amazon who stood out among her people was Hippolyta, who is said to be the sister of Penthesilea and who enjoyed a certain advantage over the other warriors, had a magic belt that gave her certain powers on the battlefield.

According to their legends, it is said that they were able to fight against great warriors and characters of great importance such as Bellerophon, who fought with them by order of Yóbates.

Or even your own Hercules, who had the mission in one of his 12 jobs, to recover the magic belt of Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, who fell in battle against the hero.

Even they fought against Athens after what Theseus, who accompanied Heracles on his mission to retrieve the belt, take Antiope to his land.

This action caused the Amazons to go to the war against Athens reigned by Theseus, after the death of his father Aegean.

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