Greek mythology: the myth of Medusa and the Gorgons

Greek mythology: the myth of Medusa and the Gorgons

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If there is a character from the Greek mythology that is known to the whole world that is the Gorgons, three monsters whose names were Esteno, Euriale and Medusa.

All three were daughters of the marine divinities Forcis and Keto and even though Medusa was the only mortal, is the most famous of them all, who has appeared in countless chronicles about the adventures of the great Greek warriors and was even referred to in Roman mythology.

One of the main characteristics of gorgons is that their heads were full of snakes as hairs, they had bronze hands, a mouth full of very sharp fangs and in some representations they are even shown with golden wings.

But if there's one thing they're known for, it's that anyone who looked into their eyes was turned to stone.

Everyone feared the gorgons and only one character could join Medusa, Poseidon, who gave him two children: Pegasus, the famous winged horse, and Crisaor.

Perseus kills Medusa

Medusa fell at the hands of young Perseus, although it is not known for sure how he ended up with it.

Some claim that in order not to look her in the eye he used a shiny shield and others claim that he flew in with the winged sandals of Hermes and cut off her head, the only way to end her.

Reportedly, carried Medusa's head in a sack to Athena, but not without before stop the Kraken attack, another mythological creature, turning him to stone.

Since then, Athena's shield featured the Gorgon's face, making her invincible. For his part, Perseus was left with the blood, which could be a deadly poison but also a concoction that cured everything

The symbolism of Medusa

According to many scholars of history, Medusa symbolized for the Greeks the evil character of every woman, representing the demon woman, mother of death and the dark side of femininity.

Another of the legends about Medusa is that a young woman dared to rival Athena in beauty, but she turned her into the gorgon, but these are just some of the many stories and legends that have been and will be told about this character.

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