Jordan's Black Desert could be the key to understanding early farmers

Jordan's Black Desert could be the key to understanding early farmers

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A team of archaeologists who have been working for a few years in the Jordan Black Desert, have discovered the clues of how humans made to make the leap to agriculture.

The team has found 14,000-year-old evidence that could allow a new understanding of culture and the environment at the beginning of human civilization in the region. At that time, this area used to have much more rain and human settlements were possible.

“It really is new evidence that we weren't expecting to find in this part of Southwest Asia and it changes the way we thought about the hunter-gatherer communities at the end of the last Ice Age, who developed new techniques in agriculture that they still influence today, ”said archaeologist Tobias Richter, from the University of Copenhagen.

Thanks to the analysis of the bones, seeds and other remains, it has been discovered that agriculture began in the area 14,000 years ago, establishing and forming social groups.

«We can identify different species of plants that would now be impossible for them to grow in the area now, but many years ago, it was a perfect and very green place and that explains the plant remains«, Explained the coordinator Erin Estrup. The team hopes that upcoming desert discoveries will help them figure out how the climate changed and the impact it had on the development of civilization in that area.

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