Apollo sanctuary discovered in Greece

Apollo sanctuary discovered in Greece

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Excavation work in the Despotiko archaeological site, in Greece, are bringing to light new information about the size and organization of a sanctuary, as reported by the Minister of Culture of the Hellenic country.

Archaeologists have been excavating the site since 1997, under the supervision of Yiannos Kouragios, and Little by little, the outline of a sanctuary from the 6th century BC has been glimpsed.. More recent work, and in particular an excavation that took place between May and July this year, has yielded more details on the organization of the sanctuary.

Some signs of religious veneration in the sanctuary, dedicated to the god Apollo, have been dated in the 8th and 9th centuries BC, according to the information provided by the Minister of Culture.

A total of 13 buildings have been unearthed during the years of work, but the latest excavations uncovered a building's complex and ornate facade.

The discoveries of these structures in the area suggest that a sanctuary was erected in the past at the archaeological site, which it was rebuilt many times during the Hellenistic period. In addition, a stone altar has been found in one of the rooms and ceramic fragments inscribed with the name of Apollo.

Another of the key discoveries is what could have been the access port to the sanctuary. Experts think that this access could serve as a fortification.

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