Restored the footbridge of the Roman Forum in Rome

Restored the footbridge of the Roman Forum in Rome

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One of the last places to be restored in Rome is the seven-level ramp between the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, to offer all tourists one of the most spectacular views of the old city, so that whoever wishes can take the best panoramic views with their camera.

This arch ramp dates back to the 1st century and connects the Roman Forum with the Imperial Palace on the hill mentioned above. It was discovered in 1900 and although it had the odd restoration, the most serious did not arrive until 2009, at which time it all began and a total restoration was set as a goal that ended a few days ago.

Francesco Prosperetti, Superintendent of the Roman Forum, wanted to emphasize that it has two well-differentiated areas, one where day-to-day business and public administration take place, and the other the more private residential area on the hill.

This ramp has seven levels connected to each other by six curves, some of them underground and others above it and ends with an impressive terrace that give all visitors a breathtaking view of both the Forum and Rome.

All of this was possible thanks to a crowdfunding initiative called LoveItaly and was launched to encourage many of the history and archeology fans around the world tocontribute to the conservation of the country's artistic treasures amid a drop in public spending to carry out conservation projects like this, which everyone can now enjoy.

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