The mummies, an attraction for millions of people

The mummies, an attraction for millions of people

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The mummies have always been centers of attraction for millions of people around the world, from scholars to fans of Egyptology and mysteries, because it must be recognized, mummies have always turned out to be accompanied by an almost magical halo, very special, like if it were things that are not of this world.

There is practically no exhibition of Ancient Egypt where there are mummies that is not a success, something that we can see in many places in the world, for example with an exhibition held at the Melbourne Museum in 2011 where the central axis was Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs, which attracted more than 800,000 visitors, breaking all records, with 10,192 visitors in a single day, demonstrating the great expectation generated by the mummies and Egypt.

Despite this, there is some controversy about the mummies since some people do not consider it appropriate to display human remains, generating heated ethical debates about what might or might not be the most correct in an exhibition.

Another exhibition that has been overwhelmingly successful was also held in Melbourne under the title 'Mummymania" the Ian Potter Museum of Art He exhibited countless funerary objects such as a decorated coffin, canopic glasses, bandages, statuettes and amulets among many others, offering a wide range of objects that transported visitors to very ancient times in time.

All visitors had the opportunity to participate in this incredible exhibition and reflect on the more recent history of mummies and also of the importance of them throughout history.

This attraction is not something new or that it has started with the boom of Egyptology with the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in the last century XX but Herodotus already spoke of the interest in Europe for mummies as early as the 5th century BC. thanks mainly to the fact that it was already known how part of the mummification process was done.

The attraction is not only directly related to admiration and the interest to know more, but over the centuries attraction gave way to greed and looting was a very common trend for much of history, where on many occasions a great legacy was ended, not only the mummies but the rooms where they were found being destroyed, ending an important legacy and depriving us of its wealth.

Mummies have also been of interest to medicine, where in the 16th century it even became a drug, especially in the western European area. All these vicissitudes have perhaps fueled that legend and that halo of magic that has always accompanied mummies.

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