They find a Mayan royal tomb in El Zotz

They find a Mayan royal tomb in El Zotz

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Archaeologists of the University of Southern California have discovered a tomb among the remains of the Mayan city of El Zotz, in Guatemala. They assure that it could contain the remains of an ancient member of the royalty belonging to this civilization.

Researchers have announced the discovery of a burial chamber in El Zotz, an isolated place and deep within the Maya Biosphere Reserve, confirming that it was inhabited by indigenous peoples approximately 1,500 years ago.

The Zotz It is a place that is approximately one square kilometer long and is located in the heart of the jungle. It has a huge palace and a large temple as well as other smaller ones, as well as different houses. This place, during the Mayan era, was known as Pa’chan, which means “Fortified Sky”.

It is not the first time that something has been discovered at this latitude since six years ago an intact tomb of a Mayan king was found, which was buried under one of the temples, a pyramid approximately 25 meters high.

The find was not easy to make as it was found at the end of a path dug by looters and was in very poor condition, but it was still one of the main discoveries of 2010.

The University of Southern California team used all of their experience and technical equipment to find another grave, which is suspected to have been built in front of the original camera, but unfortunately they did not find it in the place where they were looking. They finally found the location of the second chamber when they were carrying out cleaning work on a platform that gave way and allowed the discovery.

A small area was found full of roots and weeds, which they made it to the burial chamber and making way for rats, which accessed and destroyed all the organic material that was in the grave, ruining what would have been a formidable find.

Instead they found several polychrome bowls among which was the name of a king, Bakad K’inich. In addition, the team highlighted that despite not having too much time on a work permit, they managed to document the burial chamber and preserve its contents, doing so before the end of the field season they had.

Now we wait patiently for next year to delve more deeply into this finding, which will surely reveal a lot of information about the Mayan people of these latitudes.

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