They find a statue of Buddha in a swamp in China

They find a statue of Buddha in a swamp in China

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Inhabitants of the China city of Fuzhou they have found in a swamp a statue of Buddha of almost 4 meters high that is currently being studied by archaeologists.

The local newspaper Shanghai daily has published that archaeologists have been able to discover that the statue that emerged a few days ago, is 3.8 meters high and was carved into the cliff during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644).

Next to it has been found a base of 165 square meters, which leads them to think that a temple existed in this place, in addition to having found a path from the north of the statue and some inscriptions on the south side of it.

Guan Zhiyong, head of the Hongmen Township government, explained that the statue was built at the intersection of two rivers «served the inhabitants to pray and ask for safety«.

According to official historical archives, the current reservoir contains the ruins of the former Xiaoshi Township, an important commercial and transportation zone between Jiangxi and Fujian provinces.

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