They find a new great chamber in the Pyramid of Cheops

They find a new great chamber in the Pyramid of Cheops

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A new chamber the size of an airplane has been discovered in the middle of the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, which has remained secret and untouched for the past 4,500 years, scientists revealed yesterday.

This new space is one of the four cavities discovered so far, along with the chambers of the King, Queen and the Grand Gallery.

«Is big«Commented co-discoverer Mehdi Tayoubi of the ScanPyramids project, which has been exploring the pyramid since October 2015 with non-invasive technology, using subatomic particle scans.

«It is the size of a 200-seater plane, in the heart of the pyramid«Added Tayoubi about the discovery published yesterday in the magazine Nature. «There have been many theories about the existence of secret chambers within the Pyramid, but none have predicted something so great«Added the scientist.

Muon Imaging Technology

The team used a technique called 'cosmic ray muon radiography", Allowing them to visualize" known and potentially unknown "voids within the pyramid without having to touch a single stone.

Muons are heavy, charged particles, formed from the interactions of cosmic rays with atoms in the upper atmosphere. Similar to X-rays, which can penetrate the human body and show images of bones, these particles can follow a mostly straight line through several hundred meters of stones before breaking down or being absorbed.

By recording the position and direction of each stump as it travels through the pyramid, muon detectors can distinguish cavities in stone.

«We will continue to take images of muons to reveal more details of the void«Explained Morishima, another of the scientists of the ScanPyramids Project, including seeing dimensions and inclinations, and certifying if it is a single large cavity or a complex of several.

He added that «our muon imaging technology cannot confirm whether there are objects inside or not, as anything inside would be too small for muon imaging«.

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